The sky starts to miss you when you’ve been inside for days. Your bed gets tired of you and your plants start to die. The sidewalk forgets the beat of your heart through your hurried feet. The leaves rain down on you when you walk by like they’re falling for your attention, but it’s only the change of seasons. You grow tired of your clothes, you cut all your hair, you try to replace that mask you’ve maintained.

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Anonymous inquired it actually upsets me that more people don't know you and your work.

Don’t get too upset over me. But it makes me happy to know you appreciate and enjoy my work that much :)

Anonymous inquired Just wow. I'm absolutely intrigued by you. Your writing, your photography, it's beautiful. You probably get this a lot, but it's true. I honestly want to get to know you more as a person. You're so lovely.

Thank you so so much. It doesn’t matter how often someone has complimented me, still always have an effect every single time. I appreciate it so much.

glow-orgasm inquired Ur awesome I wish there could be more ppl like you

If there were more people like me I wouldn’t be me. I don’t want anyone to be like me.

Anonymous inquired your writing is the most beautiful i have ever read.

Then you must not have read much. There’s so much out there.

Anonymous inquired I've notice you don't watermark your photos. Do you get paranoid about people stealing them/making money from them? I want to share my work but I'm always scared about theft.

I would like to put more trust in people to not ever steal, claim, nor sell my images but you never know. I’m not shooting for money, I’m shooting because I love to do it. It’s my passion. Though it would be nice if it paid the bills this way.

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Flying south on an early flight to New Orleans. Assisting my good friend on a shoot for New York Times magazine. I’m so tired but sometimes I love airports. I just love traveling. I’ll be staying in the French Quarter of New Orleans. If anyone knows anything happening there let me know. I’ll be around for a week. I’ll try to post more during my alone time.

Anonymous inquired Can you describe what being in love feels like? Since youre an amazing writer its probably gonna sound even better lol

Love isn’t something I can explain in a New York City airport terminal waiting for a flight down south at 6:50am. Love isn’t easy to explain ever. Love won’t be explainable for any of us until close to the end, when we’ve felt it in every way imaginable.

Anonymous inquired any sweet wine recommendation?

Typically the wine under $15. Trader Joes, Gato Negro, Protocollo. I don’t know. I buy what I can afford, which isn’t much.

Anonymous inquired If you could move to any other country in the world, where would you move?

Iceland, Norway, Greece, or Finland maybe. I love landscapes.

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dusk-born inquired Wow your photography and writing is just amazing im seriously blown away !! Coming from a small city in australia im surrounded by a lot of shallow minded people with no vast imagination and your blog just makes me dream and yearn for greater things

Wow this means a ton to me. Specially with your circumstances. Finding inspiration in my work like that is a huge honor. I came from a relatively small narrow minded town as well and my best piece of advice is just go. Go experience everything and anything you can. Never pass up the opportunity to interact with people and make memories and any art you can. Live hard and love everything.

Anonymous inquired How old are you??!


Anonymous inquired oh my god, you're writing is so amazing, it's just so raw and honest, amazing

Wow thank you! I try to be as real as a homie can be.