Anonymous inquired Did you take off some photographs on your etsy? I might be wrong but I could have sworn there were more. I'm asking because I wanted to buy a bunch and I forgot your name and have been looking all week on etsy for your account and I finally found it.

Some prints expire but I promise once I’m home tonight I’ll refresh all of them. If you or anyone ever has a specific print they’d like, just let me know.

Anonymous inquired The pictures you take with Jenny(the ones on the bed), are they taken at a professional level or are there feelings involved?

Highly professional. Our set typically consists of 3 assistants, 2 art directors, 1 photo editor, and a monkey for consistency. The “bed” you actually see is a photo set built in-studio in the alps of Norway, our favorite place to “work”. It usually takes us three years to fully produce, shoot, and finish one photo. So appreciate them please.

If there was any professionalism over emotionalism in my work, you wouldn’t be questioning it, enjoying it, or even here. It would be tasteless, but more importantly, lifeless. But sure, we take it seriously I guess.

the-incandescent-adolescent inquired Your pictures make me want to continue living, and loving too... Even though I often get discouraged.

There are so many things heavy with love that should make you want to continue living. Glad my work is one of them to you but keep looking. There are reasons everywhere.

Anonymous inquired Your writing is enthralling; it amazes me every time

Thank you, I wish it came out like that most the time.

fuzzybunny224 inquired you're cool

I’m really not. Really.

Anonymous inquired Does shooting nude people ever make you flustered or anything? Or are you dating the girl that I always see so much of ? She's stunning! Sorry if these are odd I'm just curious

I haven’t really shot anyone naked other than Jenny and Kara. And no our bodies do not make me nervous or flustered. I am intrigued and I find simple beauty in the human body. And that girl you see so much of, is a beautiful girl named Jenny Woods.

What big eyes you have. The kind of eyes that drive wolves mad.

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Where I cleared my head today.

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Anonymous inquired How tall are you?

This is kinda of irrelevant. I’m short. About 5’8?

Anonymous inquired do you have an instagram ?

overexposures. Let’s be friends.

   you feel the train shake the sidewalk beneath your feet and the alcohol has started to hit you hard. you think of him. he thinks of his next drink. you’ve always felt most connected to the sadness. the way it creeps up your spine in the middle of the night. the way it warms your lungs after that whiskey warms your throat. the way it comforts you like no boy ever did. i’ve hit a crease in my page and you’ve hit a nerve in your nervous system. learn to follow your gut before it betrays you. learn to follow your heart before your brain catches on. these are the only words of wisdom i can preach. for i’m merely speaking through metal letters hammered onto a crumbled piece of paper. for i’m merely afraid of my own emotions just like you. 

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My Sunday morning may seem like your Sunday afternoon

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Halfway between heaven and hell, day drunk and night time buzzed.

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hotvon inquired When did you move to New York?

New York and I have been dating off and on for about five years now.

Anonymous inquired What do you most fear, and what do you most desire?

This has sat in my inbox for a while because it’s an intimidating message.

I think what I fear the most in life is looking back and not having beautiful and exciting memories, adventures, good friends, good times, and crazy times, blurry nights, long mornings, laughs that hurt, lots of love, great travels, good music, and an overall satisfaction at the end of this ride.

What I desire most in life are the opportunities to create all the aforementioned above. I never want to miss the opportunity to create a connection with people and my surroundings and to create memories.