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Anonymous inquired i just finished reading the goldfinch by donna tartt and i imagined you as the main character, theo, the entire time. just thought i'd let you know

Let’s keep in mind theo is ten years younger than me…but it seems like an interesting book non the less. New York City is a great backdrop for great novels.

Anonymous inquired That video you did was amazing. It took my breath away and inspired me endlessly. Thank you.

Thank you! I’m so happy it was able to inspire you!

getcalm inquired Holy shit that video is incredible. Beautiful color tones. It kind of just sucks you in if that makes sense. Wonderful job.

Thank you! Definitely watch it in full HD to get the best quality.

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youngrasshoppers inquired I don't know if you have ever owned one but do you know where I could find a 35mm vintage camera? X

I’ve owned a few. Keh.com is great for used film cameras.

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getting lost in the crowds at Coney Island. distant screams from the roller coasters and watching the lights paint the sidewalk like a living Van Gogh. something about the fair always made you feel as if you were lost in a movie. 

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paripetetic inquired those pictures are absolutely stunning. they look like art. hell, they ARE art.

Thank you! :)

spontaneiiity inquired I am mesmerized by your thoughts. I love the way you word them and photograph them and present them. It's beautiful.

Thank you! This means a ton to me :)

allmonsterareinsideus inquired hi, i discovered your photos not long ago, I should admit you are extremely talented, in your photography but even in your writing. I'm in love with the poetry of your pictures, dude I'm in love with the way you see things, how you make everything seem beautiful in their own way. Don't stop it, not all people have the opportunity to make people feel this way! Love from France! x

Thank you so much, this is incredibly sweet! I feel honored when people appreciate my photography AND my writing. I’m still somewhat shy of the writing so this really means a lot, thank you again.

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Myself shot by bunnyjennyphotos

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Today’s first test with my typewriter.

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I bought a typewriter in manhattan today for seven dollars. I’ll be working on it for a while.

Finally bought new boots. Every time I take a dumb photo at my doorstep someone walks out from the one sided mirror and I get embarrassed.

ramonasummers inquired Why don't you consider yourself a writer?

Because what I write feels silly. It’s hard to explain but it’s almost embarrassing.