nova-luna inquired Your "rambles" entice us and your photos are lovely. Do what you must to remain happy though ♡

Thank you so much for this support.

one day you’ll forget about me. in fact you probably already have. you just haven’t realized it yet. you forgot about my breath in the morning or my glasses of wine at night. you forgot about union square and all the movies we watched. you forgot about what train we had to take or where we were even going. i will always remember how tolerable your breath was or how much of a lightweight you were. or that exact spot by the fence and how we only ever really sat through half the movies. i know one day soon I won’t even be as present as a scar to you. you’ll make your bed with sheets I’ve never laid on and you’ll drink your tea from a mug i’ve never made you coffee in. you’ll watch me fade like the ending of a movie or the last inches of daylight after a shitty sunset. like a birthday that went by too fast. no candles on the cake, no tears in your eyes. i will be nothing but the coffee rings on the table or the cigarette butts in the cracks on the sidewalk. i wish i was permanent. like times square in the daytime. or your split ends. but i’m only temporary to you. i’m only words and thoughts.

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Anonymous inquired Please don't go.

I wish I heard this more often.

Anonymous inquired Please don't give up or stop posting. We all love you so much and we're here for you!

Thank you so so so much. This all means a lot. We’ll see what happens.

luhst-een inquired No please. don't go. stay. your my favourite photographer and blogger on this site. Don't go. i love you and your work.

Thank you so very much. This is going to take some serious thinking.

Anonymous inquired why do you want to leave?

Because I have nothing left. I need to disappear and focus on myself, my problems, my situations, my surroundings. I have to find myself again.

Anonymous inquired no no no no noooo. please no. stay with us!

All this support is overwhelming and makes me feel good. But I still don’t know. Thank you.

Anonymous inquired Please dont stop posting, i love your photography and you never fail to inspire me, please dont stop sharing your art with the world.

Thank you so much but there’s not much left in me. I think I need to disappear.

thelittlestonedfox inquired Don't you dare disappear!

I think I need to.

Anonymous inquired have you ever felt awkward while taking photos? ive noticed a lot of photos you take are couples (naked) and i was just curious. and are you ever like embarrassed to take photos in public? i live in a smaller town and i always feel like people are staring at me when i take photos and i don't really care i just get annoyed.

I’ve never been embarrassed by photos of. Though I get slightly embarrassed when friends find it. It’s sad so it’s hard to explain. Sadness isn’t easy to understand. And I definitely get embarrassed taking photos in public but it’s an important fear to overcome.

zeppelhy inquired wow it's your birthday, i don't think i quite know how to express the admiration i have for you and your skill to put words together and make them beautiful and relatable but...happy birthday!! i hope you enjoy it. i hope something amazing and unexpected happens to you. best wishes xx

Thank you. It was a super great birthday. I went hiking. All the support you guys show means a lot.

lee-cigarettes inquired Happy birthday! Hope you have / had a wonderful day! x

Thanks. Made the best of it. But reality is hard to escape.

stvrrycat inquired Happy birthday!! I really do hope it's super great for you c: You're one of my favorite people on tumblr and I love your work!! You're super talented!! Have a great night!! c:

I don’t know if I have the same enthusiasm to answer this but damn, thank you :) it was a good day. Thank you again.

Anonymous inquired How long have you been a photographer?

Ummm well I’ve own a camera since I was 14. And I don’t know if I’ve been considered much of a photographer for long at all.